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Installation of Storm Drains, Other Drainage Systems, French Drains, & Surface Drains

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Storm Drains

We have many years of experience installing and repairing storm drains and all types of drainage systems. These range from simple surface drains to large diameter storm drains. Below is a list of some of the types of drainage systems we install and repair.

1. Storm Drains: Typically, these drains are large diameter pipes 1-ft diameter up to 4-ft diameter or more and may be installed on public property in the street connected to catch basins along the curb and other types of drainage structures. They can also be located on private property to help with heavy surface drainage.

2. Surface Drains: Around your house or business, typically surface water, rain water, and sprinkler runoff will flow into drain boxes in and around your house. These drains connect to a variety of pipes and flow typically to the street, to a lower area, or to a sump pump system. Often times these drain pipes are not installed correctly, are not maintained and are full of roots and dirt, and don’t function very well. We have lots of solutions from installing new good quality pipes and drain boxes, to Hydro Jetting and cleaning the pipes you have.

Additional Information

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3. French Drains: This type of drain is usually located in and around a house foundation that is below grade, like a basement or behind a retaining wall. It typically consists of a perforated pipe at the bottom of the foundation area or wall, with gravel above, which then allows the water to enter the perforated pipe, and then flow out to the area of discharge. We also can waterproof the walls in conjunction with the French Drain installation.

4. Infiltrator Drain Systems: These systems are often designed to take surface drainage water from around a site and it then flows into a structure that allows the water to soak or percolate back into the soil. A section of Infiltrator pipe is typically 18-in tall and 3-ft wide and shaped like a Quonset hut. It has louvers on the sides that allow the water to soak into the soil. We can install and repair this type of drainage system.

We have years of experience and knowledge in repairing and installing many other types of drainage systems and can offer competitive pricing.

Informational Guide Book

An introduction to Private Sewage Disposal Systems, 23 page guide booklet put together by Gopher Construction Company. Contact us for your own copy (818) 352-2253.