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Inspections & Certifications of Septic Systems

Why is it a good idea to have your septic system inspected before you sell or buy a house?

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  1. If you are a seller, it is a really good idea to inspect your septic system for these reasons:
    1. It is an excellent way to give your prospective buyer thorough and complete disclosure.  Many times, if a seller doesn’t disclose the condition of the septic system, if can have negative consequences.
    2. If you wait to inspect during escrow, then if there are problems or deficiencies, it becomes a negotiating tool a buyer will use to reduce the price or they may negotiate to have a new septic system or a sewer connection, which as a result, could be very costly and cause a lot of stress during the escrow process.
    3. Before you list, if you have an inspection done before you list your home, and you find it needs some repairs, in some cases the property selling price can be adjusted against the cost of repairs.
    4. Also, if you have an inspection prior to listing your home, it gives your potential buyers a sense of security and confidence in their purchase, in addition they see a reputable company has inspected and/or certified the home in which they are going to invest.

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  1. For the buyer, here are some real good reasons to have the septic system inspected prior to purchasing your new home:
    1. If there are problems with the system, the repairs, replacement, or possible sewer connection can be very expensive if it is not in good condition.
    2. Another reason, If you are in escrow and discover that the system is not in good condition, it raises the level of stress to have to negotiate the repairs or credit.  However, if you have the information from the inspection, then you can make an informed decision when determining your purchase.
    3. Most importantly, If you know the condition of the system, then you will also be aware of what ongoing maintenance may be necessary as well as the costs associated.
    4. Lastly, if your considering doing an addition to your new home you will definitely want to know what the upgrade or improvement costs will be to accommodate the proposed addition.

Informational Guide Book

An introduction to Private Sewage Disposal Systems, 23 page guide booklet put together by Gopher Construction Company. Contact us for your own copy (818) 352-2253.