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Trenchless Technology for Pipe Installation

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We have many years of experience with trenchless technology pipe installation and repairs. There are different approaches to method of pipe replacement and below is a list of some of the various types of trenchless technology pipe repairs we can offer.

Pipe Bursting: This is a method of pipe replacement where we draw through an existing pipe a metal tip that breaks the old pipe away and at the same time, we pull a new high quality HDPE style pipe through the old pipe location for a seamless and virtually rootless installation.

Hammerhead Mole: This is a tunneling device that we can shoot underground, when the soil is favorable for this work, and avoid a trench through sensitive areas of your yard. After we make the tunnel, we then slide the new pipe through the tunnel made by the Hammerhead Mole.

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We have years of experience and knowledge in trenchless technology and have found these specific types of trenchless technology to be very successful and competitive in pricing.

Informational Guide Book

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