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Our Services

Inspections & Certifications of Septic Systems

We provide thorough and vital inspections during real estate transactions. These inspections are critical for both buyer and seller as septic systems these days can be complicated and very expensive to replace or repair. We can inform you and guide you through this process.
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Mainline Sewers & Sewer Laterals

We provide installation and repairs of both Mainline Sewers and Sewer Laterals. We are LA City approved and bonded sewer contractors with decades of experience. We also provide special required CCTV inspections of city sewers as well as Hydro Jetting to clear and clean clogged sewer laterals. View More

House Sewers Connection & Repairs

We have years of experience and knowledge in all types of sewer installation and repairs and can recommend just the right method to meet your needs. View More

Septic Systems Installation & Repairs

We are experienced and knowledgeable in the installation of both traditional and advanced septic systems. We also maintain, service, and repair many types of septic systems. View More

Storm Drains Installation & Repairs

There are many different types of drains that we install and repair. These range from simple surface drains to large diameter storm drains.
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Trenchless Technology for Pipe Installation

We have many years of experience and knowledge in trenchless technology and have found very successful specific types of trenchless pipe repairs we offer.
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Underground Utilities

Installation and repairs of large public sewer pump systems.
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Specialty works involving conduit, utilities, fire hydrants, and other unique situations or installations.
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Our six decades of experience, and our reputation for honest, fair, and quality service, makes us
the company you will want to choose to meet all your sewer and septic system needs