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House Sewer Connections & Repairs

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House Sewers

We have a great deal of experience in the area of sewer connection installation and repairs. We do everything from diagnosing and cleaning sewer pipes, to sewer pipe repairs of all sorts, and we also are experts in installing brand new sewer connections from a house to the sewer lateral pipe typically at the front property line.

For repairs, we have great diagnostic equipment that we use to determine where the pipe is clogged or broken, and what is the best repair option for the location and application. We have both trenchless options for pipe repair as well as traditional excavation, trenching and repairs.

At times, we may find that the sewer simply needs to be cleaned thoroughly with our Hydro Jetter. This device can literally clean a 4-in diameter pipe with high pressure water that cuts and clears clogged sewer pipes. We also have a product called RootX, which can be applied after the pipe is cleared that will keep the roots out of the pipe up to one year

Additional Information

If you have any questions, or would like additional information, or would like to make an appointment to have a representative come to visit your site, please call us at 818-352-2253, or contact us.   We will be happy to answer your questions, and email, fax, or mail you additional detailed information.

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Sewer Repairs

The following is a partial list of the various types of repair methods we have available.

  1. Pipe Bursting: This is a method of pipe replacement where we draw a metal tip that breaks the old pipe away and at the same time, we pull a new high quality pipe through the pipe for a seamless and virtually rootless installation.
  2. Hammerhead Mole: This is a tunneling device that we have, which we can shoot underground, if the soil is favorable for this work. After we make the tunnel, we then slide the new pipe through the tunnel made by the Hammerhead Mole.
  3. Traditional Trenching: In some situations, traditional trenching is the only way that will work.  We have many different types of trenching machines, both large and small, to handle the job. We also are expert a hand excavating in difficult or sensitive areas as well.

For new installation of sewer connections, we can guide you through the process of paying fees, obtaining approval, plan review, permits, and other requirements in order to proceed with the new pipe installation. We also can use trenchless technology for the installation of a new sewer, if the conditions are acceptable.

Informational Guide Book

An introduction to Private Sewage Disposal Systems, 23 page guide booklet put together by Gopher Construction Company. Contact us for your own copy (818) 352-2253.