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The Focus of Gopher Construction & DeVries Diversified
Installing, Repairing & Maintaining Sewer Disposal Systems

The result of combining two companies is that we can address a wide variety of installations, repairs, and services relating to sewers, septic systems and much more!

The focus of Gopher Construction Company is primarily to do work on private property installing, repairing, and maintaining private sewage disposal systems, onsite sewer connections, and drainage work of all types.

The focus of DeVries Diversified is primarily to do work in the public right of way including installation, repair, and maintenance of sewer mainlines, sewer laterals, storm drains, and other related utility work.

Where Did The Name “Gopher” Come From?

The Story of the Name “Gopher Construction Company”

In 1948 Dave DeVries was a young College Student working to make some money to support himself through school. He chose to work digging cesspools with a friend.

Vintage sign when Dave started the company.

One day while digging some deep holes in one lady’s front yard, she came out on her front porch and saw the dirt flying out of the holes and then said,

Well, that name stuck! When Dave DeVries started his contracting company he named it “Gopher Cesspool”. Later on, that name was changed to Gopher Construction Company.

An early business card when he changed the name.




In 1990 when David P. DeVries, Dave’s son, purchased the company when his father retired, he chose to keep that very identifiable name and combined it with his own company “DeVries Diversified” to form one corporation.

 – Pictured, David P. DeVries with his Dad, Dave DeVries.

Our former office on Foothill Blvd.

Dave DeVries, “No.1 GOPHER RETIRED!”

The Gopher mascots, later named Sandy and Rocky after the kind of soil Dave was digging in, were created by a neighbor of Dave’s, who was an animator. Some say that Sandy and Rocky look a lot like Chip and Dale, but keep in mind that these guys are hard at work with a pick and shovel!! I’m not sure that Chip and Dale where familiar with tools like this!




In 2014 Chad DeVries, son of David P. DeVries, bought both companies from his dad. This is now a third generation family owned and operated business serving Los Angeles County with quality installations and has earned and enjoys a good reputation in the community.

 – Pictured, Far left: Cliff Jones, General Manager of Gopher; Center: David P. DeVries, Retired; Far right: Chad DeVries, Current Owner of DeVries Diversified and Gopher Construction Company.