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We at DeVries Diversified and Gopher Construction Company hope that our website will provide you with answers to your sewer systems or septic related questions, information about our services, guidance and knowledge about a wide variety of subjects related to sewers and septic systems. Click below to request additional information or to set up an appointment. Thank you for visiting our website.

Family Owned and Operated Since 1948

Family Owned and Operated Since 1948

Gopher Construction Company

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As a leader in the industry, we offer a unique and seamless blend of professional services with over six decades of experience, we provide reputable, expert, knowledgeable, and cost effective solutions for a variety of sewer systems, septic systems, drainage installations, and repairs of all kinds on public and private property. We serve Los Angeles County and surrounding areas and we are on the Los Angeles City list of approved bonded sewer contractors.
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Proven leaders in our industry,
because of our reputation,
expertise, and experience serving
our community for more than six decades.

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A Few Testimonials

If you have a septic tank and you want wonderful service to deal with your stinky problems, these are the guy.  They are so helpful and quick to respond to any problems you have.  I had a Priana installed in my septic tanks a couple of years ago and it has been a great solution to my overflow issue… when there have been problems out of normal conditions they have always been right there to help. unt quis. Pellentesque vitae congue neque, vel mattis ante.
Tamara T.

Altadena, CA

We first spoke with Gopher when we were considering buying a house that they serviced.  At the time, they spent 45 minutes on the phone with us detailing some of the basics of septic systems and answering questions.  I felt they really wanted to help and impart their knowledge vs. just wanting to get us off the phone, which you might expect.  Our Realtor reinforced our initial opinion, saying that Gopher is top-notch and very well regarded in the area.   Now that we purchased a (different) home, we have a service contract with Gopher for our Piranha system, and we are now a very happy customer.
James M.

Pasadena, CA